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Trevor Hiwa’s K217m saga

Government has directed the Roads Authority (RA) board to commence disciplinary action against its Chief Executive Officer Trevor Hiwa because he has a case to answer for awarding to his own firm Infracon Limited a K217 million World Bank f... Read more



Survey finds mineral traces in Thambani

An airborne survey which the government undertook with support from the World Bank has found significant potential  for  uranium,  niobium,  tantalum  and  other  minerals  in some parts of Thambani where Mkango resources is carrying out mi... Read more



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Solar aircraft lands in Cairo

The Sun-powered aircraft Solar Impulse has finished its penultimate flight, landing in Egypt’s capital, Cairo. It took off from the Spanish city of Seville on Monday, taking just over 48 hours to make the trip. The zero-fuel aircraft is now in the home straight of its b... Read more

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