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    I don’t understand why government wants to sell shares to the public. This does not make any sense. Look, 49% is owned by Ethiopian Airlines which is owned by Ethiopian Government. Malawi government should maintain the 51% the shareholding. This investment is between Malawi govt and Ethiopian govt. Why does Lipunga want to bring in members of the public? Let the private sector come up with their own airline. Let Lipunga convince the private sector to come up with their own airline. Over the past 20 years, Lipunga has presided over privatisation of government companies. He seems not to have learnt the evils of privatisation.

    The board of Malawi Airlines led by Partridge should resign because they are misleading government. Lipunga should equally resign. He has outlived his usefulness. How can Lipunga say shares will be offloaded to the public when the airline start making profits. You want people to rip where they did not sow. Let the public assist govt in development by coming up with their own companies. Leave Malawi Airlines alone. We need a private airline in Malawi.

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