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    Why is Peter Mutharika tolerating this wickedness during his reign? The bible says when wicked rule people mourn? Proverbs 29:2 Msonda is not inciting anyone to kill gays but rather asking the police to arrest gays and ensure they are convicted accordingly. The against gays in Malawi imposes 14 years punishment and it is in this interest Msonda wants the government to amend this to death penalty. The law in Malawi does not allow anybody to kill except government through court determination. So do not advance your evil predicament on Msonda. Just eat your blood money but know that one day you will account that to God. God command states that gays should be killed. Its not Msonda. Leviticus 20:13 ask your pastor not those false prophets masquerading as God’s servants on your camp. God uses anything for his messager. Do not hate the messenger. Hate the one who has sent the messenger. Msonda is just the messenger. God is the one who has sent Msonda. Hate God. Afterall why holding national prayers to God while you hate his commandment? Why not asking your donors to give you rains, food, protection from natural disasters. etc? Malawi will continue facing God’s wrath as long as you continue propagating for this wickedness.

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