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    The government is taking us for a ride here. How can the state claim not to know whereabouts of Limumba Karim. Just recently a government employee who is posted to the Malawi embassie in Mozambique posted a video on social media together with Limumba and a Mzee Sadiki. The diplomat is Simon Kaunda. His father is Vuwa Kaunda and they have been shielding Mr. Karim as they are beneficiaries of Cashgate. Karim and his gang steal cars in South Afria while Kaunda facilitates their passage through Mozambique coming to Malawi. He and his group of criminal friends openly post lavish videos of themselves taunting the rest of us hardworking Malawians. DPP. Anthu ama ndi akuba koma akugwira ntchito mboma. Koma chonchi sibwino. The electorate is watching…

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