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    June 2016, Government signed MOU/NCNDA’s with 38 companies intending to invest in the power sector. Applications included hydro, solar, wind, coal and Waste to Energy(WtE) interests. In most of these cases, even financing is available to start works upon signing of a PPA (power purchase agreement) with ESCOM. So far ESCOM has no interest to sign these PPA’s. In most instances like solar or wind installations would have taken less than 6 months.

    9 months later, ESCOM/Government is calling for more EOI’s (expressions of interest), shunning out the 38 companies who already expressed interest. I have met and discussed with some of these applicants who think their applications are not being processed because they openly refused to be corrupted to pay up advance fees or offer shareholding the minister and his cronies. Officials of 2 German solar companies and a WtE company have spent over 6 months in the country to try and get these PPA;s signed, some will be going home now, and Malawi will still have no electricity.

    Why do we bother sign these NCNDA’s when we are not prepared to do clean business?

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