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    What a foolish Govt is this? Its true the darkness cant settle where there is light. TIMES keep on informing us never be afraid of this so called Mutharika’s administration!

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    Alex Nyalapa

    This is an act of impunity, MRA if they are not careful they will have to compensate Times Groups. The president and Chaponda are behind all this due to maizegate. If this is a fight then the fight begins. We need even the president to step down because he has been abusing tax payers money for long time. We are the people that make this government to run, but they are politicizing taxes which need legal fight. Should all Malawians study law to remove these Mafias from Thyolo.
    God is watching everything and this Pharaoh will have to go for judgement.

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    Alex Nyalapa

    Koma chimene a kuchita a MRA alakwa, akufuna kuti a Malawi tiwatani. Anthu awa ndimbava zoopsya nthawi zonse amabela a Malawi pokhoma misonkho. Tiwonana ifeso agwira ntchito amene timapelaka Pay-as-you-earn ati bwenzera ndalama zathu. Ndalama yathu yose ya salary izithera kulipila MRA mbava pamanepa ndani, kodi musonnkho munthu amadula kangati ndala zathu 90% zimathela misonkho tiyamba hutengelana ku khoti kuti MRA yikalongosole sa misonkhozi. Times yalakwanji mwaziputa inu anthu a MRA a kuba tiwonana tagwirizana a Malawi kuti imeneyi ndi nkhondo mwayambayi kuti muzilimbana ndi chilungamo. Mutha phyiti nose satana akulozeni mu ufumu wake.

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    Andy Mwale

    Firstly let me applaud Times Group for ‘exposing’ Maizegate scandal. You played your role as a public watchdog and government should act against the allegations and the Commission of Inquiry launched by the President is a welcome development. However, statutory tax compliance is obligatory for all corporate citizens including Times Group without exception. It is however, errenous for any business including Times Group to allege witchhunting or victimisation when they are asked to comply with their tax obligations. As a good corporate citizen, Times Group should feel for the Malawi government whcih today operates without any external budgetary support from donors. Government fiscus thus has to be funded from within our domestic markets through taxation of all corporate players including Times Group. The treatment being meted on Times Group should however be served on all other players equally without fear and favor. This demands that all companies owned by Asians, Chinese, Burundians, Nigerians be treated in the same manner and not target specific players. That way we will all be happy that this is not victimisation but that the tax body is simply doing their job. Maizegate ndi iyo you published we congratulate Times Group for holding government to account but equally so you should be held accountable for your tax obligations. You cannot demand accountability from government when you are not accountable for your tax obligations. What is good for the goose is good for the gander! Let’s stop whinging and whinning when we are asked to atone for our tax sins by hiding behind victimisation.

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    Mphawi theletu

    Boma ili ndilovuta kwambiri

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