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    For the sake of a better, reformed Malawi I concur with Kampalume in NOT shielding the perpetrators at Road Traffic or Ministry of Health. Share they names and lets see if the ACB will take action.
    Francis Kasaila is a politician at heart hence is never objective on the realities. I reckon the report ought to be given to ACB and make a follow up after a month.
    If I were the honourable Francis Kasaila I would borrow a leaf from the H.E who has admitted that corruption levels are soaring and focus on solutions rather than bashing and politicing everything that comes across your desk.

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    I think Mr. Bright Mhango got the licence simply because he lied to both Police officer and Road traffic officers taking an advantage of the lack of interface between the old and new systems. That’s my opinion.

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    Good job Bright, this is indeed happening at the Road traffic and at the central hospitals. Its unfortunate that Hon Kasaila want to associate any truth with politics. Let’s leave politics aside and face the reality and deal with the problem. Continue with your investigations and keep informing the masses.

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    2019 Boma

    A Kasaila, pa chichewa pali mau oti ‘kundisokosera nkulinga utamva,’ why being defensive? What is wrong with Malawi news telling you kuti katangale akupitirira ku road traffic? Inu ndi amene mukupangitsa kuti president azioneka ngati akulephera, chonde tamuthandizeni Peter by removing the rot that is there at the road traffic if not then we would not be wrong to conclude kuti inunso, you are part of this rot. Because of your shallow thinking any wonder that you were ambushed by the opposition on the issue of fees in public education institutions? Where on earth would a government be defeated by the opposition on matters of policy? Koma zinazi. If I were the appointing authority I would have fired people like you from my cabinet, kungokhala phwii, ngati mukuphwisa, ngati akumwetsani madzi ometera. Shame on you!

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    Isaac Manda

    Bright Baghaya Mhango is back and doing his usuall stuff.

    This is doing the donkey’s work on behalf of poor ACB.

    But Katsaila has the guts to deny such findings and merely accusing Times for nothing! shame

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    The government wants the general public to help develop Malawi and fight corruption. This investigative reporter did exactly what the police and ACB are failing to accomplish. He needs to be applauded for exposing the high level corruption that is rampant in all governmental departments. It is not political!!!!!. It is patriotism at its best. Stop calling people who exposé the ills of this administration names, rather work with them you will be amazed at how much they know.

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