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    Future Mwaungulu

    My comment is on Uladi Mussa’s suspension.
    It is surprising that up todate politician seem to be ignorant of their party’s constitution and do things their way.The PPs constitution is clear on tenature of Office bearers and what to be done thereafter.Uladi’s conduct deserve suspension.If we go by his statements on his meeting with Joyce Mtila Banda,it is ubsurd for Him to assume,Joyce will not contest in 2019 from her response s drived from statements of her meeting with Uladi.Uladi is greedy for power as is the case with other PP royalist,Uladi Mussa has been a leader of her party which he diched before joing PP and it did not produce result,more so ,he lead the Joyce Banda campain in 2014 which saw PP lose power to DPP.This alone speaks volumes the regibility of Uladi as torch bearer of PP in 2019 .Declaring interets in standing for the PP presidency is not any issue but the procedure followed and the scale used to weigh his regibility.PP rest in peace as we bury it with Uladi as presidential candidate in 2019

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